The name of my college is Matbari Serajia College. A rich man named Elem Boksh Sardar founded the college.

It is one of the best colleges in the district of Khulna.
The college is situated in a suitable place.

The college stands at the junction of four roads. Boys and girls of the neighboring villages can come to the college easily.

The river koyra flows by the eastern side of the college. The college is housed in a nice four-storeyed building. It has fifty rooms.

The rooms are spacious with a wide verandah and well ventilated.

The principal has a separate room to sit in. There is an office room adjacent to the principal’s room.

Two clerks sit there and maintain the records of the college.


Cadets room, library, and gymnasium rooms. Students go to the common room, play indoor games and read the newspapers, magazines, and other papers.

The library room is very spacious. There is a rich collection of books in the library.

Students read there. They are issued books. The college has two big hostels and two teachers are in charge of the hostels.

They supervise the students.


The name of my village is Dear. About ten thousand people are live in the village.  Sorrows and sufferings.

The main occupation of the villagers is agriculture.

There are boys, high school, girls high school, a primary school, their mosques, and a madrasah.

Village boys and girls receive education in these schools. Boys and girls from other villages come to receive an education.

The daily market with every day and the hat sit’s twice a week.

People buy their daily necessaries from the market. The communication of the village is very easy.

A wide good road runs through the village to the Thana. People can go to the Thana by vans, rickshaws, etc.

A good road runs from our village to the nearest steamer station.

The village is neat and clean. There is a small health center.

Villagers get medical care here. The natural scenery of my village is worth mentioning. Rows of coconut trees, betel nut trees.

Clumps of bamboos and the fields with green crops increase the beauty of the village.

My village is ideal. I love my village. I am proud of it.