Mr. Ahmad is my favorite teacher. He is our English teacher. He is an M.A. in English.

I love him, respect his and like his best.

He has left a permanent impression on my mind by his conquering qualities of love and affection,

convincing power, high personality, and admirable teaching method.

He is our friend in his several other qualities. MY FAVOURITE TEACHER Mr. Ahmad


He carries out his responsibilities fully without fear or favor and strictly enforces the rules of study and conduct.



Kazi Nazrul Islam is the national poet of Bangladesh. He was born at Cgyrykuam up Asansol.

His father’s name was Kazi Fakir Ahmad and his mother’s name was Zaheda Khatun.

His parents lost four children before his birth. So, they gave him the nickname Dhuku Mia.

In his early life, Nazrul lost his mother. For this, he had struggled hard against poverty.

In his boyhood, he was very precocious and naughty. He was admitted to a local primary school.

But he did not obey the hard and fast rules of the school.

He troubled the villagers with his boyish wicked deeds.

The villagers called him cheap. After passing the primary examination he devoted himself to religion.

He became a teacher in the village Maktab. There he taught the village children the holy Quran.

He also became a muazzin.

At this time he became well acquainted with Islamic lore which influenced his later literary works to a great extent.

He also entertained the village people through a theatrical party known as letto and earned a name and fame.

At twelve he fled away from home and took the job of a baker boy and for that, he got taka 5 per month.

At this time he drew the attention of a Muslim sub-inspector of police.

He took Nazrul to his own village home and got him admitted into a high school.

The first world war broke out. The Regiment was banned. He returned to Calcata.

At this time he edited a magazine named Dhumketu in which he published all his revolutionary writhing.

He was sent to jail for one year for writing the poem, “Agamani’’. His famous creations are Agni Bina, Bandhan Hara, Rikter Bedan.

Bisher Bansi. Pralay shika etc. MY FAVOURITE TEACHER Mr. Ahmad

Nazrul’s writings were full of hope, energy, aspiration, and result.

His writhing awakened the sleeping people of this subcontinent.

It was Nazrul through whom the people began to hope for a better future. MY FAVOURITE TEACHER Mr. Ahmad.


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